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Training Sessions

All training is given by T2 SADES staff members​.


Learn more information about each of the SADES training sessions offered at this time. Registration for Spring 2023 will become available in late April or early May.


SADES Stream Crossing Training
The SADES Stream Crossing Training covers all the information needed to accurately inventory culvert locations. In addition, all of the non-environmental fields are discussed in depth in order to ensure proper understanding. This training works hand-in-hand with the NHDES environmental training.
SADES Road Surface Management System (RSMS) Training
RSMS was a program originally created by T2 to aid municipalities inventory their road networks, forecast repairs, and estimate budgets. 
SADES Pedestrian Training
The SADES Pedestrian Training provides all the instruction needed to collect inventory, condition, and ADA compliance data for sidewalks, crosswalks, and curb ramps. 



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