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SADES RSMS is coming soon!

Look for communications from NHDOT concerning a one-day training session held at NHDOT and given by the UNH Technology Transfer Center.


After that one day session, each RPC will have a follow-up training at each individual RPC office. Those trainings can be scheduled here.

SADES Training has begun!

Many RPC's have participated or have signed up to participate in a SADES training session. Several NHDOT members have also participated in the SADES Pedestrian Infrastructure Assessment training session. If you haven't signed up yet, learn more on the Training page!

Welcome Patrick Bogle to the team!

As of June 1st, Patrick Bogle is now part of the growing SADES development team. Patrick graduated from UNH in 2015 with a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering. Patrick will be joining SADES to help integrate some of the data that still rests in older forms of storage (spreadsheets, Access databases, or even paper!) For his contact information, visit the Contact page.

SADES has been funded until December 2016

As of February 25th, 2015, the NHDOT has signed a statewide agreement contract with UNH T2 to support the SADES efforts through the end of 2016. Their goal is to benefit the data inventory needs of both the NHDOT and the RPC's. We look forward to helping grow SADES and expand the benefits beyond the reach of the pilot program. To learn more about SADES and the vision of the program, visit the About page.

Welcome Stephanie Cottrell to the team!

As of January 2015, Stephanie Cottrell is now part of the growing SADES development team. Stephanie will be working part time on SADES efforts while focusing her other time on other T2 projects. Stephanie will be overseeing all SADES scheduling and training coordination as well as authoring articles and publications. For her contact information, visit the Contact page.

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